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The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

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Welcome to our library!  This repository contains valuable ASI reference material generously donated by our members.  Materials here include photographs, seedling records, historical notes, and a searchable checklist.  These materials provide fascinating insights from accomplished aril iris growers and hybridizers from around the world.

You can submit your own photos and documents by sending them to the webmaster at the email address, below.  The present ASI board members will consider all submissions.

We are also building up our ASI Photo Archive.  This is our official library of photographs, prints, slides, and digital images of arils and arilbreds.  When preparing to send digital photos, it is important for digital image filenames to identify the species, variety, or seedling of the plant and or flowers photographed.  Or at minimum our librarian and web volunteers need a list which associates a correct plant identity with each photo sent.  Photos and identifying info may also be submitted to our photo archivist:

The first four library references are alternate pages of the ASI web site itself:

*  ASI Checklist *  Photo Gallery *  Seedling Gallery *  ASI Officers

The following starred items are also separate pages of the ASI web site, and part of our library. The remaining items are files of type PDF and Word document:

*  Essay on Cultivation Techniques

*  More Cultivation Techniques

*  Ken Bastow Slide Collection

*  Howard Shockey's Seedling Records

*  John Holden's Seedling Records

Elm Jensen's Regelia Photo Essay

Yearbook Index 1958~2002

After Seed Cutting - by Lars Hopfner

C. G. White Breeding Records

Another Look At Forced Germination- by Elm Jensen

Germinating Iris Seeds - by Norman C Deno

Hybridizing By Observation - by James Whitely

Review of Seed Germination - by Rodionenko

Germination - A Review

Yearbook 1994 - Crosstalk - Seed Germination

Yearbook 1994 - Enhanced Germination Techniques

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